Asst. Styling | MTN 15th Anniversary

DAVU Studio assisted the Wardrobe department of one of the largest TVC productions in Sudan, for 2020.

Working alongside head stylist Mohamed ‘Simba’ Elmur, we assisted in building the looks for all the main actors and extras, by sourcing ready-to-wear clothes and accessories, as well as being involved in the process of designing the bespoke costumes.

Agency: Mates
Director: Mohamed Kordofani
Cinematography: Khalid Awad
Assistant Director: Nadine El Roubi
Editing: Mamadou Abozeid
Art Director: Maimana EL-hassan
Styling: Mohamed Elmur & Hadeel Osman (DAVU Studio)
Hair Stylist: Roua Ebaido
MUA: Amna Almajed
Production: Mohamed Khalid & Sagda Alnoor
Music: Osama Jambo