With a heavy interest in knowledge acquisition and due to limited formal creative educational resources (in Sudan), DAVU Studio provides interactive, immersive, creative workshops and training sessions.

As of our formation, we have provided workshops, webinars and were panelists in the following events:

WEBINAR | Creative Direction (3 Sessions)

Dartalks 2020

WEBINAR | Artpreneurs (1 Session)

249 Startups 2020

WEBINAR | Art as a Tool for Social Change
(1 Sessions)

Kalinka 2020

WEBINAR | The Creative Approach – Branding & Social Media (1 Day)

Global Young Leaders & Career Development 2020

IG LIVE | Fashion Revolution Week (7 Days)

Fashion Revolution Week Sudan 2020

WORKSHOP | Fashion Styling in Films (2 Days)

Sudan Independent Film Festival 2020

ACTIVITY | Art Attack

Fredrich Ebert Foundation x Goethe Institute 2019

PANEL | Sudanese Womenswear – Then & Now

Speakers – Sudanese fashion designer & heritage expert Saadia El Salahi & Hadeel Osman
Moderator – Mashaair Sharif
Gadalla Film Days 2018

WORKSHOP | Fashion for Film (1 Day)

British Council Sudan 2018

WORKSHOP | Fashion Styling for Film (1 Day)

Sudan Independent Film Festival 2018

DAVU Studio aims to expand the range of workshops, webinars and practical activities by including design, technical skills (graphic & fashion), among many others.

All our activities are available to organisations, corporations, individuals, cultural centres and festivals, both online and in person – in the following formats:

Short-Term Workshops      (1 - 5 Days)
Long-Term Workshops       (1 - 4 Weeks)
Interactive Activities    (1 Day Event)
Panel Discussions         (1 Day Event)

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