Art & Wardrobe | ‘Hassabo Real Estate’ TVC

We were behind the art direction and styling of the viral “Shaga Shaga Shaga” TVC, which premiered during the much anticipated 2021 Ramadan season.

We dressed the main character, renowned TV presenter Arwa Khojali, in four different looks as she goes from one scene to the other, looking for her ideal apartment, while being serviced by the legendary Hassabo Real Estate.

We are very honored to be part of this project, which features the rebranding of the very culturally impactful company, having only relied on conventional billboard advertising prior to this jump.

Director: Mohamed Rashad
Producer: Mohamed Khalid
DOP: Makki Rashid
Focus Puller: Khider Issam
Hair Stylist: Roua Ebaido
MUA: Haifa