Designing A Visual Utopia

DAVU Studio is a multidimensional creative studio.

Fusing visual identity with design, art, sustainability and creative direction, we operate primarily in Sudan, while providing an extension of our services and consultations across Africa.

DAVU Studio was founded by Hadeel Osman, a Sudanese creative director who was named in the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 List and the 100 Most Influential Young Africans for the year 2020. She is an advocate for change and development across the continent and is heavily involved in evolving the local contemporary fashion and visual scene into a fully functioning, creative industry. For more on Hadeel, click here.

We work with brands, publications and production houses to develop innovative formats that enhance the visual storytelling element of projects.

From critically analysing an idea, to building the desired sets and aesthetics, we are heavily involved in all stages of visually communicating any concept we are tasked with. It is through our work that we aim to reshape the visual identity of brands, with a focus on the rapidly growing fashion scene within Sudan, and expanding across to the African creative industries.

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